A form of semi-permanent hair removal that works by removing the hair from the root (rather than at the skin’s surface as with shaving or creams), to leave the area hair-free for between two and six weeks. With regular waxing, the interval between waxing lengthens, and the rate of re-growth is noticeably reduced.

Strip wax is removed with a cloth strip; it adheres to the skin so it’s better for fine hair removal. Our waxing specialists use strip wax for large areas such as legs and arms.

Hot wax holds onto the hair, rather than the skin, resulting in less skin irritation and making it ideal for coarser hair like the underarm and bikini line. The temperature of the hot wax also makes for easier hair removal by opening up the pores and follicles, leaving a cleaner neater finish. We recommend you hot wax for bikini and underarm services and only use hot wax for facial hair removal.