The term ‘acupressure’ refers to a traditional Chinese healing method in which pressure is applied by the fingertips to stimulate key points on the body to help relieve muscular pain and discomfort and restore emotional well-being.

The technique is very similar to acupuncture, though without the needles, and is guided by the same principles of many holistic therapies; that physical and mental illnesses are a result of an imbalance of the body’s energies, or ‘chi’. These imbalances are caused by a blockage of energies in the invisible paths called meridians which connect all parts of the body.

Acupressure treatment is intended to restore the free flow of these vital energies via the firm but gentle application of the fingers and thumbs to specific acupressure points/meridian points on the body. These meridians represent the sites of highest electrical conductivity on the skin’s surface, where healing energy and treatment are most effectively conducted and channelled when pressure is applied.

Acupressure unclogs the body’s built up energy in the meridian pathways while triggering the release of muscular tension and blood flow. This can help to restore the body to its equilibrium, while also working to relieve a range of physical and emotional ailments.